Luke Luby is an Irish Journalist and Digital Marketing Specialist, currently based in Cork City, Ireland. In 2013, he graduated with honours from Griffith College Cork (GCC), with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, which he quickly followed up with a Higher Diploma in English at University College Cork (UCC), completed in 2014.

During his academic career, Luke gained experience in all aspects of Journalism, as well as using CMS‘ such as WordPress, Interviewing, News Reporting, Copy Editing & more. Throughout his Journalism career to date, he has written for and edited a number of publications, both in Ireland and abroad, reporting on a vast number of topics. While his journalism has mainly focused on the Entertainment industry, he has also reported on Current Affairs, Politics and Religion. Luke‘s main areas of expertise are:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Video Games & Pop Culture

While these may be the main areas that the Journalist and Digital Marketing Specialist has focused on in the past, he is also very interested in exploring other areas, such as Mental Health – particularly about Irish teenagers – Current Affairs and Politics. Throughout his Journalism career, Luke Luby has built upon the skills he acquired throughout both of his degrees, as well as added a number of skills to his Journalistic repertoire, such as: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Basic HTML & CSS, Photoshop & Design Work.

Irish Journalist & Digital Marketing Specialist

Over the course of his Journalism career, Luke has also gained experience in Social Media Marketing and SEO; from February to November 2016, he undertook a Marketing Internship with J. Barter Travel/, where he gained experience in Marketing, both Traditional and Digital, with a focus on Digital Marketing. Throughout this internship, Luke gained experience in almost all aspects of Digital Marketing, including Social Media Marketing, Newsletters, Website Updating & more. He also gained experience in planning and executing a Marketing Strategy, as well as Design work, such as Flyers and related Marketing Materials.

Over the past several years, Luke has written for the likes of:

  • Try Modern
  • The Inquisitr
  • A Pixelated View – Also a Sub-Editor
  • Motley Magazine – Also the Webmaster/Social Media Manager
  • Leemail – Also the Arts & Features Editor

Award Nominated Digital Marketing Specialist

During his internship with J. Barter Travel/, Luke – as one half of the Marketing team at the company – was a finalist at the Cork Digital Marketing Awards 2016. J Barter Travel/ reached the finals in four different categories, namely:

  • Best Use of Facebook – business with less than 30 employees
  • Best eCommerce Website
  • Best Digital Marketing by an SME/Corporate/Sole-Trader
  • Best Use Of Emoji
Luke Luby reached the finals of the Cork Digital Marketing Awards 2016 during his time with J. Barter Travel.

Luke Luby – Irish Journalist & Digital Marketing Specialist – Social Media Profiles

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