About Luke Luby

Luke Luby Irish Digital Marketing Specialist

Luke Luby is an award nominated Digital Marketing Specialist and Journalist, currently based in Cork City, Ireland. He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, and a Higher Diploma (now called Postgraduate Diploma) in English. On top of this, he has completed a number of short courses over the course of his career, most notably a Social Media Content Creation course, certified by Cork Chamber, and a Google Digital Marketing course. He has also completed courses on HTML and CSS with Codecademy.

On top of his education, he also has several years of practical experience in Digital Marketing and Journalism. In the Journalism field, Luke has worked as a Freelance Journalist since 2011, covering such areas as Movies, Music, Politics, Current Affairs and Video Games. During this time, he has developed extensive skills in working to a tight deadline, producing high-quality, error-free content, and developing and building sources in different fields.

As for Marketing, Luke has worked as a Social Media and SEO Specialist for a number of publications that he has worked for. It was this that piqued Luke‘s interest in exploring Marketing as a career prospect, which he began focusing on in 2014. Since that time, he has become an expert in a number of different Marketing areas such as Copy-Writing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. That’s not to say he isn’t well versed in other areas, however. Luke has extensive experience in producing Newsletters and Sales Content, as well as expertise in B2B and B2C, CRM and Event Management, among others.

While Luke Luby is currently fully employed in the Marketing profession – he’s currently the Junior Marketing Manager at ACS Anchor Solutions Ltd. – he still has a foot firmly place in the Journalism field. At the moment, Luke currently writes for Try Moden, a general interest website focused on everything from Tech to Entertainment, as well as ESPM.tv, a site that focuses primarily on eSports and the related culture.